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tv   Headline News  RT  July 16, 2014 8:00am-8:30am EDT

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israel returns to its sweeping blitz on gaza after a ceasefire plan falls flat with palestinian deaths quickly surging beyond two hundred. protests against the israeli offensive take hold worldwide in london anger at the b.b.c. for not giving what they call a full picture of the conflict. burks nations lay the ground to even up the world's financial influences of some of the most populous countries signed on to a multi-billion dollar cooperation deal. from hijacking email addresses to military leading online polls and british intelligence exposed for a dubious range of spying tricks branded as outright illegal. four
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pm in moscow good to have you with us on our g international our top story this hour israel has intensified its anti terror operation in gaza following a failed ceasefire agreement proposed by egypt a fresh series of missile strikes targeted senior hamas leaders but it's the civilian death toll that is most noticeably climbed two hundred five palestinians now killed the majority non militants israel also sustained its for its first combat death just several hours after accepting the truce of volunteer helping the i.d.f. was killed by a hamas rocket these are the latest pictures released by hamas red circles allegedly showing where there are rockets hit israeli targets.
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and hamas didn't stop its attacks on tuesday conducting some fifty airstrikes this despite israel initially agreeing to the cease fire and halting fire for some six hours both sides claim their military actions are aimed solely at protecting citizens many. pardon me many policy and support what hamas is doing. should be ceasefire but we need to based on our condition it's a very good thing that when hamas attacks them they make the i.d.f. retreat so that they cannot attack using guns with rockets functions can make them afraid which is a good strategy for us for sure it's always. it's ok to attack them with a look it's to respond to them both sides attack each other that we need quiet and peace of mind for the sake of the children and all of our neighbors. around people around the world have shown disapproval of the violence pro palestinian rallies held as far afield as south america and india in london
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activists protested against the b.b.c.'s coverage of the israeli military operation outside the broadcasters offices they say the corporation is reporting has failed to provide a balanced background to the conflict ignoring years of occupation humanitarian struggle in palestine. to get a full spectrum of views i know events in gaza coming up today in cross talk with peter lavelle here's a peek. to take a look at the last sixty five years it's pretty clear that israel is intending to continue to bomb and destroy as much as possible in gaza i think it would have been avi to expect the ceasefire would it would have these talks would lead to anything since we have on one hand who works for the israelis or the americans and we have units and yeah who really has no motivation no intention to stop terrorizing and stop this brutal violence against the the palestinians in gaza a. hundred billion dollar development bank
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has been unveiled in brazil by the world's top five emerging nations the deal was signed of the brics summit where countries leaders agreed to align their efforts to move away from the west financial dominance paul scott is in the gathering at ford to laze. well russian president vladimir putin going to meet with the leaders of believe you a year ago i and venezuela for example amongst many others that these countries their populations equate to around four hundred million people if you combine that with the three billion people represented by the five brics countries that bloody may putin has met with the ladies representing on behalf of the world's population on his latin america tour it all started the breathless two on friday with a visit to cuba he then of course went with an unannounced visit to nicaragua before stopping off in argentina and then finally in brazil bricks summit in forty leza hosted by brazilian president dilma rousseff who you may remember was a victim of n.s.a. surveillance revealed by edward snowden around twelve months ago now ever since
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then she's been championing for change to the internet on the way that it's governed in order to protect people's privacy well earlier i managed to ask a question i asked her what changes she would like to see on what changes we have seen in the last twelve months. we must guarantee privacy on the internet and make the weapon open and democratic and its foundation must be based on the trailer and that's a true requisite for the internet to be an immigrant here ever burson and every government has the right to free and open internet. that doesn't believe that one country has the right to lead the way when it comes to internet governance and she feels that each country should have the right to its own governance to ensure privacy while we are the half way stage of the brics summit in forty lays out what exactly has been achieved when russia agreed to write off ninety percent of cuba's soviet era debts the remaining ten percent will be reinvested in joint infrastructure projects in the country it was also
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a symbolic meeting with formulate if it will cost right in argentina the two countries signed a peaceful nuclear power deal that will see russia help in areas such as design construction operation and decommissioning of nuclear power. in rio pluton attended the football world cup final and received responsibility for the next competition in russia in two thousand and eighteen one of the bric summit the nation signed off on a long awaited one hundred billion dollars development bank seen as a rival to the i.m.f. world bank and global dominance of the u.s. dollar on top of numerous trade deals so it may have taken less than a week but president vladimir putin no doubt hoping that his whistle stop tour will cement russia latin america types asia times correspondent pepe escobar saying that the new brics financial institution will help the group build muscle what are we having nowadays is the predominance of i call it casino capitalism in fact which is a speculative capitalism which you know hot money
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a traverse in the world digital speeds enormous that this has nothing to do with productive investment and sustainable development what the brics the brics are trying to steer the debate and in fact the conditions of the olds and vast meant towards productive capitalism now that they have this mechanism of a developing bank and contingency reserve a mechanism they can help all their countries up part from themselves in terms of infrastructure projects and sustainable developments. to the brics powerhouses have been given a multi-billion dollar win after a world trade organization ruling against the u.s. we'll tell you what it is at r.t. dot com. is the aftermath of an airstrike in the town of snow and eastern ukraine one of the bombs falling on a block of flats causing its partial collapse locals joining together with the
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rescuers to help those trapped under the rubble. easy going to get you to go. back to. the others you go to but you when you. were little which we never. yeah. yeah yeah. but. what was. the point now in the hospital along with seven others but almost a dozen civilians have been confirmed dead the government denying responsibility saying it was the work of an unidentified jet but scenes like this repeatedly repeated daily across the east fuelling a refugee exodus. this refugee camp where i'm standing right now just twelve hours ago was about twenty two the ukrainian border however the people running the camp
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decided to move it because it was not safe to be that close to the ukrainian border where the attacks where these stray or intentional shelling from mortars and artillery fire coming in from ukrainian side actually has been increasing in recent days and force for people who are staying in these refugee camps that's just another addition to an already long list of tragedies that have happened to them let's have a listen more about this from my reports. uprooted driven out desperate people have been flooding into the region by us for the past several weeks trying to escape the bloody war that has engulfed the south east of ukraine this refugee camp is literally just several meters away from the ukrainian border so for people staying here war is still very much a part of daily routine they say recently the artillery fire at night has gotten closer and the memories of the bombardment back at home do not grow any less if it doesn't. for the.
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league. on this is no it's a good one bishop but it's. would be a. good muscle to pull off a good deal it's good news it's the one is. you know the children me appear to be immune to the horrors happening in their homeland playing and carrying on as usual but once prodded they show deep emotional scars shocks it just like protocol. what you have. to. look at those. many who left their loved ones behind haven't heard from them for several days who's playing this is thing you put up with to. watch near the time for the rest of the. play you. got this call that. says refugee camps are simply temporary ports for these people
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who will have to find new jobs new houses new ways to live not because they didn't like the life they had but because they were denied those by since this fighting in a ghost go r t and i stand on the region. across the border in ukraine's capital kiev hundreds of soldiers mothers and wives are protesting demanding the government let their sons and husbands go home many troops and used have already completed tours of duty but aren't being allowed to return because of a lack of fresh recruits will be back after a short break with more stories including a little sarcasm and high level diplomacy look at latest spat between a russian and u.s. ambassadors to the u.n. and who had the latest word in this round.
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this is about making the business some. by. the. corporations the love for parishioners told kate corporations have no feeling. for issues to care about you or me corporations will make her book . people come to untouched for sins and leave massive bleeds for the state come on. we're not going to quit we will not stop until it is done what is more precious music more moving. interview. i feel good.
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i marinate joining me. for in-depth impartial and financial reporting commentary contributor and much much. only on bombast and.
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the fact. fourteen minutes past the hour moscow marking a day of mourning after the worst disaster in the cities metro system twenty three people died after a train derailed at high speed about one hundred forty people remain in the hospital dozens of them in intensive care here's how the tragedy unfolded. the train traveling along one of the lines in the west of the capital how that almost reached top speed suddenly the emergency brakes were activated the first three carriages piled one upon another blocking the tunnel that happened two hundred meters away from the next stop medics rushed to the scene broken bones and severe head wounds greeted them first the emergency services set to work pulling out those trapped eighty meters below the ground in the mangled carriages
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volunteers helped carry out the injured helicopters and dozens of ambulances took people to hospitals for several hours nonstop. witnessed the tragedy. then you can see if they knew i was through the there was blood on the floor heads some people had broken ribs and one post was injured. people were hysterical we started to get a hand. in the tunnel wound many. workers constructing a parallel time they helped us to get. to metro employees have been detained in connection with the crash investigators suspect their negligence may have led to the accident as we mentioned this is the worst tragedy in the underground in moscow's eighty year history thought i had to walk that way unfortunately in two thousand and five more than fifty stations were left without electricity on a swelteringly hot day a year later a construction pile damaged
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a tunnel and shocked passengers in a passing train last summer nearly five thousand people were evacuated from one of the busiest transit points in the system because of a fire at a station next to red square earlier this year the foundations of a construction site above penetrated into the underground tunnel luckily nobody there was injured more details pictures and eye witness accounts on the moscow metro to rodman at r.t. dot com also on the website right now. a nurse defying orders in guantanamo prison refusing to force feed detainees reportedly the first case of medical staff protesting against the methods that human rights groups call torture and inhumane. and reckless road rage in moscow check out the story of this heartless driver who ran down an elderly man only stuck to check the damage to his car. to see. first. and i think that your.
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spying a devious business but there's a code of honor or so it was thought british intelligence has now been revealed to have a range of tricks and tools that would make even james bond's q. blush all of them aimed at cyber snooping for example when it comes to social networking they can look at your private photos if they don't like what they can see what they see they can do disable your facebook account outright chatting with friends and relatives g c h q agents can listen in on conversations and read your messages you can prove your contact list too or they might hijack your email address and use it to send messages themselves how much you spend on e-bay and what online polls you participated in also visible to agents they can even need the rest
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of the results of the voting party's sarra for points. emplacing page he can speak e-mail addresses and manipulating online polls these are just some of the tools and tactics it's been alleged that he they using google quite eccentric names angry pirates a tool that will permanently disable a target's account on their computer now there's more than one hundred projects in the listing the joint threat research intelligence group now in a statement to. say that they are not full let's take a look at what they said all of g c h q is work is carried out in accordance with a strict legal and policy framework which ensures that always so authorised necessary and proportionate despite. a campaign is a saying that if three the allegations are extremely serious to huge do because again it used to be being involved in propaganda and trying to manipulate debate
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the best for them to protect their financial security not to read on one poll either way the latest late can certainly reignited the calls for further oversight . activities it's an argument that we've heard many times before and it's not one that's looking likely to quieten down any time soon so. reporting from london if that's not enough the british government wants to enhance its surveillance powers further a new law that's already passed the house of commons or require web companies to keep consumer data private just in case that security services want to have a look later on investigative journalist tony gosling says the government is trying to keep tabs on everyone. well it's certainly not going to protect citizens what what how on earth can you protect british citizens by eroding our civil liberties and we just had an announcement this week from david cameron the business spend one billion pounds on surveillance so rather than running back he said norma's industry
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which is out of control he's actually wants to spend more money on surveillance i've been doing this in concert with the n.s.a. for so many years now that companies like google twitter microsoft facebook are actually almost paltz of that surveillance system not interested anymore in going to the courts it was to ask a judge if they want to put somebody on the surveillance they just assume that everybody is under surveillance food giant nestle accused of leaving california high and dry the company takes water from a canyon to bottle and sell despite there being a drought in the region households that were being threatened would have to be fines if they waste water dr peter gleick leading environmental research organization in the state says californians won't put up with it for long one of the problems with this bottling plant is that every bit of water that goes to the bottling plant is water if it's taken away from this desert ecosystem there's also concern among some of the local communities about the impacts on groundwater in
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that they will delivery of ground water or other uses in the local area oh this water is bottled it's put on trucks it's shipped out of the community and it's water that's not available to the local community so it's increasingly a source of tension and concern in the in the area of water in the desert is very rare and this is an example where perhaps we should question the value of putting a bottled water plant in the desert. and u.s. drone attack in pakistan's restive north was erased stannis thought to have killed up to fifteen people the strike was to assist the pakistani army currently battling taliban militants in the area government troops launched a full scale ground operation in north waziristan in june after insurgents stated staged a deadly attack on the country's largest air hub more than four hundred taliban fighters and over two dozen soldiers reported killed in just over a month. syria's president assad has been sworn in for a new seven year term after
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a landslide election victory in which he scored almost ninety percent of the vote the ballot went ahead despite the civil war tearing the country apart that's killed more than one hundred sixty thousand people radical islamist still control a large part of southwest syria. a powerful typhoon battered the philippines killing at least twelve and displacing hundreds of thousands the storm caused power outages tore off roos and toppled trees it's the strongest storm to hit the country this year some parts of the philippines still recovering from a devastating typhoon that struck in november and killed more than six thousand people. this is where the un's most powerful body can decide the fate of countries around the world but sometimes those inside the security council are known to behave more like children with feisty arguments even spilling outside the venerated chamber as happened recently between the russian and american envoys marina portnoy has more on their publics lying match. the russian and american ambassadors to the united nations
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usually keep their negotiations and debates within the chambers of the world body headquarters however a tit for tat between the two diplomats is currently playing out in the public domain sparked by something written in the pages of a glossy magazine the august issue of vanity fair features an article on samantha power in which she strikes a bit of a verbal jabs against her russian counterpart here's the context the reporter says he reminded miss power that ambassador vitaly churkin jokingly asked her if she'd join the russian punk group pussy riot after she met with the two famous band members and bassett or power says she told mr churkin that their first concert stop on tour would be where russia holds its political prisoners though regrettably she can't sing the u.s. envoy claims she got the last word in that conversation saying it's what passes as a small victory oh if only the verbal jabs and snarky miss ended there it doesn't
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in a statement posted on facebook ambassador churkin says while it did stoke his vanity to see himself referenced in the article he found powers pussy riot tore stop comment to be rather lame saying quote they never performed in guantanamo after all ouch a reference to america's biggest stain on international law and human rights violations ambassador churkin also sets the record straight saying quote i called samantha and explained to her that russia did not have any political prisoners she seemed to be amused and promised to get back to me on this she never did unquote ambassador churkin claims that miss power told him he got the upper hand in that exchange but he says he will claim it as a small victory hopefully when the two diplomats meet once again face to face at the u.n. there will be no hard feelings and the debates can go back to revolve around issues such as creating more peace and less conflict. new york like an
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old married couple up next martin and breaking the set stay with us on our international. i say put all the bankers into a circular firing squad put all the bankers the jamie diamond the lloyd blankfein the bob diamond put them into a circular firing squad then give them all ball ends and let's get rid of all the laws we've got to prove the system of this cancer of the marriott tragedies of the world.
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series of global basis try to. save a point of going to get much more efficient treating everybody. somehow made no dollar lab no weapons and my own wife would have. most of the society trying to. squeeze his most elite moments. sometimes for nothing which. is so we have the elements and it's just as much it's not just any of the still we can still be jobs if you see a stage eight lupita but it's going to kill all of. us.
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dramas that are trying to be ignored to. stories others refuse to notice. since changing the world's lights now. to picture a. former student. dropped. what's really good folks simon rolled up alone filling in for abby martin and this is breaking the set so four hundred billion dollars can sure buy a lot of things these days right like feeding every school kid in america fighting every global humanitarian crisis and rebuilding this country's entire infrastructure but apparently one thing it can't buy is a phone it's
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a fully functional fighter jet see for the last eight years u.s. taxpayers have spent a whopping three hundred ninety eight billion dollars on a fleet of f. thirty five joint strike fighters the next generation of lethal military planes the only problem however is that over the years the development and construction of this plane has turned into the poster child for military waste not only is the program seven years behind schedule but it's basically ins and billions of dollars over budget and is now expected to cost over one trillion dollars over the course of the next five decades but hey at least we have a bad ass plane that will spread american freedom across the world skies right now actually no it turns out the department of defense still has isn't sure if the heap of metal is even safe to fly so the f. thirty five was supposed to make its long awaited debut at the former international air show in england this week but thanks to a mysterious engine fire last month the plane was grounded now just today officials did clear the plane for flight although the cause of the engine fire is still
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unknown and the plane will not be airborne in time for the show. think progress stupidly points out that with the amount of money the military has spent on this outrageous boondoggle taxpayers could have bought a six hundred and sixty four thousand dollar house for every homeless person in the country but hey since this plane's natural habitat is the ground maybe we can turn these f. thirty five is in the homeless shelters instead now well it's just a thought let's break this up. you are a. very hard to take. on. that you ever had sex with her right there.


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